Many people are unaware of how without bartering they can negotiate a lower price on just about everything. Here’s how you can payless for just about everything you buy.

You start to use a cashback card.

Top cashback cards are gaining popularity and one great deal I’ve come across gives 5% back. That’s 5% cash back on all your shopping. Including food, fuel, health and beauty products, clothes, household and electrical goods. So you can get paid to shop and spend with a cashback card. Because using them each and every time pays you as you spend. This can add hundreds of pounds a year to your income, tax-free, if you use them for all your normal spending, replacing cash, cheques, and other debit, credit & charge cards.

For those who have work or business expenses to reclaim, this can be a powerful way to earn more money, at no cost or at nominal cost to you. If it’s used for business there’s a chance it could be seen as a taxable benefit. Which means you may have to pay tax on your gain but you’ll still have a substantial gain.

If you spend, say, 5,000 a year on a cashback card, you would receive a yearly benefit of 250. It might not sound much but it’s free money for doing nothing more than you do already so whenever possible, buy everything – even your smallest purchases – on your card for maximum cashback.

Note that you can use your cashback card alongside store loyalty cards to earn an additional reward. It also works with any other in-store promotions and discounts!

There’s no limit to the Cash Back you can earn.

Some people advocate using cashback cards as an alternative to charity credit cards. Because cashback rates are often higher than those on charity cards so you can donate any cashback you get to charity instead. You can make your purchases on the phone, online and in store. You can use it abroad. The security aspect of the cash back idea is not to be overlooked. No need to carry lots of cash. And chip and pin means that if you lose your card, your money’s safe. You can get one for your children and put a monthly allowance on it. Then top it up as and when.

With cheaper and more efficient Internet shopping becoming more popular it has never been easier for the consumer. With next day delivery it’s almost instantaneous shopping.

If you match up with a good ‘Price comparison website’ you will not only find the best value-for-money on specific products but put money back into your own pocket as well.

So go on buy your pizza, burger or TV etc and get money back. If you don’t thousands of others will.